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  • 6 weeks - 6 Years Old


Centre Manager
Ms Melanie is a Pymble local, living just around the block from the centre. After attending Pymble Ladies College, Ms Mel went onto complete a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and practice as a behaviour therapist. During her ten years of experience as a Centre Manager, Ms Mel has received the Rising Star nomination in early education and care, and her service received a Service of the Year nomination. She is passionate about providing high-quality education and care to our young generation given the importance of the first 5 years of a child's life. She also emphasises the importance of passionate, caring and talented educators. Fun fact - Ms Mel is also a foster mum!
  • Ms Melanie Ms Kate Educator


  • Drama
  • School Readiness
  • 0-6 Years Old
  • Baby Room
  • Hot Meals
  • Pre Lit
  • Music

Future Stars Early Learning Centre Pymble delivers on the Future Stars promise of providing children leading childcare education with love and care. The centre implements Pre-Lit (through our partnership with MULTILIT®) and our industry-leading school readiness program, as well as music, dance and arts for our preschoolers. Since March 2019, Future Stars Early Learning Centre Pymble has opened it’s doors, implementing a world-first Exponentials program which gives pathways for children to explore STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as well as the Arts – through a project-based curriculum focused on exponential technologies.

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We have limited places available in 2020/21, although some spaces are available for children aged 3 – 5 years. Book a tour with our centre manager to experience our beautiful centre for yourself, meet the team and learn more about our highly regarded Future Stars pre-school program.



A bit more about Future Stars Pymble

The Educators you love. The Exceeding quality you expect.

Future Stars will open our doors with two of our Centre Managers - Ms Mel and Ms Kate, both who have run Exceeding centres. We will have at least 2 ECTs on-premise at any given time, with at least 50% of the educators being Diploma educated. You can expect more staff (lower staff-child ratios) than the regulations require.As our centres have been rated as "Exceeding" the National Quality Standards, you can expect the same level of quality at Pymble. 

Learn how Future Stars exceeds the NQF

Environments that are so natural, they delight.

The centre has been designed to be remarkably natural. It starts with a clean, warm Scandinavian design with large amounts of natural light that brings the outdoors in. We've spent time on the details too - with features such as circadian lights that match the indoor and outdoor lighting to reduce strain on a child's eyes. We have layered a range of unique environments through which we can introduce STEAM-focused teaching. Children will be able to relax in the zen garden, engage in group time and dramatic play in the amphitheatre, farm from one of two vertical farms and "sell" their products through an on-site farmers market, socialise in the community village, connect to nature through a river bed, and create, invent and learn in the maker space.

Built Sustainably. Live and Learn Sustainability.

Pymble will be 100% off the grid for power and water. We're also building two large vertical farms where children will grow their own leafy greens and vegetables - reducing the demand for farmed produce. With the aide of our onsite chef, children will be taught how ingredients come from the farm to the plate.All building products have been responsibly sourced, and materials from the site are being recycled into the environment such as beautiful rustic iron ore scattered throughout the outdoor areas and tree stumps being used to complicate play environments. Even our cubbies have been built from recycled apple crates.But sustainability means more to us. At Pymble, we have developed a socially responsible and sustainable supply chain. By partnering with organisations such as Thankyou, we improve the lives of people less fortunate than us and teach our children about the benefit of socially responsible business. 

Safe. Secure. Convenient.

The centre is conveniently situated at 8 Yarrara Road, right on the Pymble / West Pymble border and close to Pymble Station, West Pymble Shops, PLC and other schools, as well as organisations such as 3M. If you drive to the Centre, our underground carpark makes it easy with 16 car park spaces for parents. Being built-for-purpose, we have invested in industry-leading security that includes proximity sensors, access control, and 24/7 CCTV. The cot rooms are also fitted with automatic sensors to ensure that all conditions are perfect while the little ones take a nap.

Bringing you closer to your child's experience.

We provide updates throughout the day on every child’s experience and development right on your mobile device. In addition, we keep you updated on your child's progress across a number of developmental milestones through regular parent-teacher evenings. We sit alongside our parents to ensure that their child gets the best start to life through regular events and seminars, “wine and cheese nights” (for development seminars that we really want you to attend) and one-on-one mentoring. 

Filled with Surprises for your Bub. And for you too.

Our centre is filled with many more surprises - for both the children and the parents. For more details, come along to one of our open days and experience it all for yourself.

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“Home away from home” that’s the first thing I remember being told about the school. Then I took my Son, who was not adjusting in any child care or family day care and what an amazing change I have seen in less than 4 months. I highly recommend this school to anybody who is looking for quality care with great learning opportunities and forming a solid foundation to the next level of education for their child.”


“They have a fun, interactive and child-led approach to their activities that encourage all the children to develop in so many areas. My son is always coming home with stories of the vegetables he has pulled up from the garden and eaten for lunch, the amazing creatures that have been discovered, the songs and books enjoyed every day and the fun games he has played with his friends. I am thrilled that every day my son heads off to preschool with wonder and excitement at what will happen that day and I really appreciate all the staff making his time so rich in fun and learning experiences.”


“My Son has been going to Future Stars for 7 months, and I am very happy to know that every day when I am at work he is at a place that he enjoys and that he is loved, the carers do a wonderful job and help him to learn new things and important social skills, with a wide variety of experiences to stimulate his growing curiosity every day. I can’t be with him 24/7, but I am glad you are there when I am not.”


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